The 2024 Run The Banner series

Run the Banner returns for 2024


Join us and build your distance 1 step at a time, from 5k to 10k over 3 months.
Resolution Run 5k … at Lees Road, Ennis on January 21st at 10am
Kilnaboy 6k … at Kilnaboy on February 18th at 11am
Michael Egan Memorial (Quilty) 8k … at Quilty on March 24th at 12noon
Ennis 10k … at Lees Road, Ennis on April 14th at 11am

The Run the Banner Summer Series is back! The series consists of 4 runs over 3 months at 3 locations. The runs are perfect for beginners, improvers, and PB chasers alike.


Join us for home-baked goodies after!


All proceeds go to 3 local athletics clubs.


Registration on the day and registration online via Eventmaster here.